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Taking your brand to new levels can seem like a daunting process but we work with schools across the country to provide stunning solutions that do just that. Check out this short project insight video from one recent project:

School prospectus design

We create compelling school prospectuses that capture your individual personality and ethos. Our creative designs work together with beautiful photography, clear and professional typography and our many years of experience to deliver truly stunning results.

Introducing Wonderwalls

Wonderwalls are original, unique and cost-effective designs that facilitate learning inside and outside of the classroom.


Mathematics wall art


Raise awareness of diversity

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

Blueprint Core Collection

Blueprint Core Collection: Science, English and Mathematics

The Blueprint Collection

Blueprint Collection


What makes Britain Great?

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Promote literacy skills

Doodle Wall

Dozens of Doodles!

You Are Here

Super-size Geography

SMART Little Red

Be safe online

Happy History

History doesn't always have to be horrible