Happy History

Bring history to life in a way that your students have never seen before. This playful, yet factual graphic captures Britain’s illustrious history and is perfect for inspiring students in the lower Key Stages.



Happy History

Who says History always has to be horrible? Bring this playful Wonderwall design to your school to introduce your students to the colourful characters of Britain's past. This charming design will walk your students through History; from Prehistoric man to present day, teach your students about different time periods in human history. Want to go more in-depth? Add more characters, facts and information to create your perfect History display. 

Don't have room for a full wall display?

Get Happy History as a series of posters instead.

Our Wonderwalls can all be easily modified to suit any space and budget.

How To Order

You choose your Wonderwall design.

We measure your space and send your a PDF of your design.

We print and install your Wonderwall.