Our highly effective brand development and marketing strategy were instrumental in taking this school from under-the-radar to over-subscribed almost overnight.


Kingsthorpe College faced a problem not uncommon to many schools; it was suffering from low brand awareness within its target catchment area. This was in part down to the fact that other local schools had invested recently in marketing themselves and in part down to the fact that with no clear signage saying otherwise, many residents thought that the college was part of the University of Northampton, which is situated adjacent to the college campus. Enrolment in all years was significantly under their PAN.

Working with the college over a period of several months we devised a strategy to turn this around. The marketing campaign included new school signs, new prospectus and other marketing literature and a range of adverts and direct mail flyers. Our aim was to raise local awareness and increase attendance at the school open event.

Following our marketing campaign, the school reported twofold improvement in visitor numbers at all of their open events, with such a positive impact that they went almost immediately to being over-subscribed in Year 7.



An effective design

We took the school brand in a new direction that used engaging photography and a bold, visual style. The prospectus proved to be a particularly strong tool within the marketing plan and parents commented how effective the overall effect was on their impression of the school.

School prospectus design