Colmers school approached us for a set of three well-defined images for a very large wall in their school and ended up with something else entirely. But they absolutely love it!

Project Overview

Colmers school had recently completed some structural work to divide an old hall into a multi-purpose teaching space, as well as creating a new entrance for students into the dining hall. This left them with two very large walls and they were keen to do something with them that would have more purpose.

Early discussions with the head and his team revolved around the wall in the new teaching space. The head teacher wanted three large images that were somehow aspirational but that reflected the school’s house icons. And it all had to work with green, seeing as this was the colour of the new wall. On the corridor side the school were keen to have something that represented the historic aspect of the school, or locality.

The solution (part 1)

We went away with a clear brief, but a brief that we weren’t convinced was quite right for the space.  However, we set to work on some initial creative ideas that took the head’s brief and combined it with a graphic style that was fresh and exciting.  Colours were chosen to work with the green wall and we were confident that the school would love the concept.

But they didn’t. Although it’s not unusual for a first concept not to be universally loved, the school were struggling to articulate why they didn’t love it, which is more unusual. Around this time the project stalled a little as other priorities within the school arose.  

Several months later we finally managed to meet up to discuss the ideas we had pitched in detail.  At that meeting, we were able to sit in the space and show the school photographs from other completed projects and it was this process that allowed them to stumble upon a graphic that they immediately liked. This sparked some ideas from us about a new direction they could take and a new idea was born.  


The solution (part 2)

The new concept revolved around creating a giant, widescreen montage full of seemingly random images, but that all had a purpose and a reason to be there. We wanted to create a giant cryptic puzzle for the students to resolve, whilst at the same time providing a great-looking piece that would immediately lift the space and have presence. The idea was to amass a wide range of images that portrayed themes ranging from great human achievement, to awe and wonder, inventions and discoveries, extinct animals, some whimsical additions and humanities’ unsolved problems.  

When we sent the school back the new concepts they were met with universal praise. We were on the right track. And we had a fool-proof concept for the corridor wall, which was a more generic (so lower cost) timeline graphic that we could quickly alter to match the school brand, with some extra tweaks as directed by their History department.



Production and installation for this project were completed within the summer holidays, with the install itself taking just one day.  No issues were encountered and the school were absolutely delighted with the final result. 



The benefit of installing the hall graphic in the way that we did is that it allows the school to update the graphic with a new one for a fraction of the cost.  They are already planning to create new montages in a year or two.  With careful storage, they will be able to keep each design and swap them periodically for future cohorts to enjoy.