The impressive wall display at Woodlands SEN school is both multi-purpose and multi-sensory. It was designed to help define the classroom areas, and incorporates a different sensory material in each display for the students to interact with.



We were invited into Woodlands SEN school to help them improve their learning environment, specifically the classroom areas, where they wanted to bring to life the names of each class. We were asked to look at all phases of their school, of which this project tackled the Primary area. We were keen to add something extra to reflect the nature of the school and worked with the school to develop a design that was both eye-catching, robust and that incorporated a sensory aspect with the careful inclusion of tactile materials and textures.


A positive experience

The impact of the new graphics was immediate and entirely positive. With most of the details being worked out during the design and production phase, the entire set of eight displays were installed in a matter of hours to universal praise from both staff and students, who love the fact that they are allowed to play with the new graphics, which are extremely robust.

What would you do?

If this project has inspired ideas about your school why not get in touch to have a chat about it with us. We deliver every single project at a fixed cost and bringing your ideas to life might cost less than you think.