A new mini brochure to promote the services of Coventry-based charity, Together For Change.


We were approached by TFC to produce a new marketing brochure.  They needed to raise awareness of their services to local organisations as well as have a tool that they could use to help recruit new partners.  TFC had existing brand guidelines but no clear creative direction for their brochure beyond a required A5 size and format.

What the client thought

"Here at Together For Change we were looking to get our own brochure designed so that we would be able to advertise ourselves on a broader level. We wanted the brochure to be bright, colourful and stand out, but at the same time have a professional edge to it. After many recommendations, we eventually found ourselves contacting The Media Collective to see if they could produce what we were looking for. From the very first phone call, we felt like The Media Collective wanted our business and wanted to help us; we had contacted a few other companies and they just hadn’t seemed up to the task, almost as if they didn’t want to help us.

They immediately sent someone out to meet with us and find out exactly what we wanted from the brochure and nothing seemed to be a problem for them! We had to follow strict branding guidelines throughout the process, and initially, this was what was putting other companies off, but when we told The Media Collective about this, they didn’t even bat an eyelid. They handled it in such a professional manner and stuck to the guidelines like glue, whilst putting their own twist on it at the same time. 

They had the first draft back to us within two weeks, which we were extremely impressed with, and this began a series of emails back and forth discussing any changes to the design. They stayed patient with us throughout the whole process and never once did they try to hurry us up, they just kept telling us that it is our project so we can take as long as we need to get it finished (which was really helpful to us as we were going through a very busy time at the office throughout this period).

We eventually gave the go ahead for printing and what came back to us was way beyond the level of what we expected. We are delighted with how the brochure has turned out and now feel a sense of pride when we hand out our brochures. We would thoroughly recommend The Media Collective to anyone and will definitely be coming back to them with any future projects that we may have!"