When Colmers School asked if we could help them turn an old un-loved school corridor into a new themed entrance area for their Year 7 students we jumped at the chance.



Colmers school needed to turn a standard, unloved school corridor into an exciting new entrance for their new student intake as part of an innovative new teaching space, which they were calling The Bridge. The headteacher was keen to use a space theme, which was part of the current vernacular for raising standards and aspiration and he also needed it to be cost-effective. Challenge accepted.

Our early concepts were based on creating a space station graphic, designed to incorporate some of the existing electrical boxes and other wires. The school loved the idea so we set to work expanding the idea to include extra touches such as hand scanners and fun warning stickers. 

We took a standard corridor:

And created something truly out of this world:

The Impact

By using a design that plays with the existing wall spaces and a clever combination of materials we were able to bring the project in under budget and the result was to create an environment that is fun, engaging and sends a message to every visitor that Colmers is a forward-thinking school that cares about every aspect of a student's learning experience.

What would you do?

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