The recently completed John Brown Building at RGS Guildford receives an inspiring set of signs, including bespoke printed window manifestations for each classroom.



The Royal Grammar School approached us to help them develop internal graphics and signs for their new teaching block, The John Brown building.  Their architect, IID had recently shown them what we had done at The London Oratory School (read the case study) and they were keen to explore utilising glass in their design.  As part of this commission, they were keen for us to develop an overall scheme that would inform the building branding for the rest of the school and address some of their long-standing challenges.



The Creative

After spending time getting to know the staff and the school site we set to work and gave the brief to our creative team for them to present their initial concepts to us.  During an internal process we discussed the pros and cons of each and put them through another round of revision to refine and define each concept.  Once we were clear about our initial master plan we were ready to present it to the Bursar and his team.


 The Solution

Our concept used colour and materials to bring architectural cues from the original sixteenth-century school building into the rest of the school site with its whitewashed facade and dark wood interior.  We conceived a range of bespoke displays and signs that beautifully bring this blend of old and new together, including wall hanging panels, internal wayfinding and department graphics for the new teaching spaces.

To help ensure that materials were suitable and that colours would work with the new finishes we produced samples for the school.  This also allowed us to iron out any production issues and check that final sizes would be suitable for the school spaces.



Phase One

With the Bursar and his team fully on board with our plan we moved on to develop the creative and produce final designs.  Understandably the school staff were kept extremely busy overseeing the construction of the new building (the entire phase one was designed from plans as there was no building for us to survey) so we worked in the background as much as possible to prepare.  Final content supplied by the school just two weeks before we were due to install, but because we had scheduled resources ahead of time we were able to complete detailed design and production on time.

"Thank you for all your work with regard to signs, quotations, door furniture etc. for the John Brown Building.  There has been universal praise – from boys, staff, governors, parents and visitors –  for all the details which have added further personality and individuality to the new building, and helped to create such a bright, dynamic and inspiring learning environment.   We have really appreciated your professional advice and design which have elevated the quality of the finish and served to produce such a positive impression of the building."

Mr JW Pressley | Senior Master

IID Architects

We have successfully completed many projects for the school specialists IID Architects and we love the way that they approach both their work and their business .  If you need to improve your existing spaces, expand your site, or need a  ‘masterplan’ for your school site and buildings then we can't recommend these guys highly enough.