We were asked to create a bright new design for this primary school canteen servery area and install it within three weeks. And we did.



The brief for this school was to turn a dull, painted breeze-block area next to the servery hatch into an inspiring place for students to queue for their lunch. The area was not an obvious spot for such a display due to the location and space available. Plus, it was littered with obstructions, which made it all the more awkward to plan. With less than three weeks to complete the installation and working from the school's initial idea to create a Beauty and The Beast theme we quickly set to work planning both the graphic and how to approach the final installation. 


The Impact

The final design accommodates the space perfectly by blending into and around the physical environment. It was installed on time and sits over the numerous wall-mounted conduits to create a seamless, high impact graphic that the children love. Bringing in 3D elements into the design we have created a display that feels interactive and engaging.