Our easy to use Inflow display boards play an important role when it comes to data tracking and monitoring at Kingsthorpe College



A flexible display solution

When the head of Kingsthorpe College needed ideas for how to present data to Ofsted for their upcoming inspection, our Inflow boards were the obvious choice.  We could deliver them fast, the school had complete control over the content, and they would demand attention.

The impact

We produced four of our largest premium display boards, one for each area that Ofsted would provide a judgment on.  These were produced in the school's brand style and colours to ensure that they presented the best possible image.

The school were able to fill the boards with relevant data and useful information relevant to the inspection.  The Ofsted team were based in the room in which the four displays were located so they were able to spend time absorbing the data, which was clearly presented.  New information was added to each board as required throughout the inspection, which meant that the Ofsted team were always looking at the most up-to-date facts.

“Our Inflow boards have revolutionised the way that we present our data to our leadership team, to governors, and to Ofsted. The four displays in our conference room create immediate impact and make anything that we put in them look professional and of the highest quality. The ease at which we can update each page to reflect our progress means that the data is always current.  They have been an enormous asset to us.”

D Morrison OBE, Kingsthorpe College

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D Morrison OBE

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