The Media Collective beat other providers to win the commission to develop the brand throughout this forward-thinking primary school. Our bright, creative solution was bang on brief and went down extremely well...

The brief

The head at Hockley Heath Primary Academy didn't feel that their brand was reflecting the high standards or aspirations of the school.  They had recently done some work to update their school crest but this had not gone far enough.  We beat all of the other proposals that were presented to win the commission to inject new vitality into the school's brand, with interior display interpretations in some key internal spaces, new inflow display boards, and a brand new school prospectus.

Hear what the head thinks

The Solution

We wanted to create a graphic that added value not just to the school brand, but to school life as well.  We focused on the large, empty corridor space as our starting point.  We wanted it to show the stages of school life, from Early Years right through to Year 6.  By using a new colour palette and introducing large overlapping shapes we created an interpretation display that takes viewers through each key stage within the school.  Within each zone, we included learning objectives that pupils would be expected to master.  The transparency that we introduced to the coloured shapes allows each distinct key stage to blend with those on either side, which unifies the graphic.

This concept formed the starting point for us to create everything else from.


New School Prospectus

The prospectus design followed the same concept that we had already created.  We worked closely with the school to show how we would keep this consistent with everything else that we were producing.  A new photo shoot was organised, to capture high-quality, professional images that would bring the design to life and showcase the school's unique character.  Understanding what the head was trying to achieve from the start allowed us to offer creative ideas to improve the overall effectiveness of the final printed brochure.

The school were keen that the prospectus allowed for them to incorporate their own content, so we included a capacity pocket in the back cover.  To maximise real-estate we make the pocket itself a full page.

The design utilised the graphics that we had already produced for the new brand, so the colour palette, colour splashes and other brand 'ingredients' are used to bring the cohesion that the head wanted to achieve.