Smart new signs and window graphics have vastly improved the visitor experience at Four Dwellings Academy.




We were approached by the school business manager to help them solve a problem, which is common to many schools with older buildings; what to do with key areas of their site to better reflect the school's values and identity, and make them more inviting for visitors. After our initial proposal, the academy identified a package that fitted both its immediate needs and its budget and we went to work. The final design builds on the school's existing logo and makes a clear and professional statement to all visitors. 

Phase one included stunning new signs around the main entrance and internal glazed screens



The Impact

The result was an immediate improvement to the main entrance and visitor area. Gone is the large swathe of uninspiring pebble-dash above the doors. Gone are the dark windows. The professional, vibrant new designs showcase and expand the academy brand perfectly and the bold use of images immediately tells visitors what matters most at Four Dwellings: the students. The academy are delighted with the results and we look forward to working on other spaces around their site shortly.