Working closely with schools across Coventry we designed and implemented a full-featured CPD training resource website for schools within the Midlands.



We were commissioned to create a bespoke website that would serve as a one-stop-shop for CPD training for all Coventry schools. The service also required a name and brand.  Working with the school alliances within Coventry we worked over a period of months to understand, define and create the service that was required. The end result was a piece of web-based software that allowed all schools to manage and offer CPD events.


The website was built around a database that allowed each teaching school to add CPD events to the site for users to enquire about online.  The website and brand were clear and easy to navigate, with a full-featured keyword and category search.  A bespoke CMS sat behind the site and allowed granular administration of content, users and course documentation.

Unfortunately, the project hit political difficulties before Phase Two of the development was rolled out and the site is now offline.