We were approached by the newly appointed headteacher to do improve the local profile of this primary school. Our solution brought immediate improvements to the areas that we were asked to work on and were met with universal praise...

Before. The building didn't reflecting the school's aspirations...

 The Solution

From our initial meeting with the head, we were able to understand the school’s personality, ambitions and aspirations.  Our initial concepts were based around the school’s strong desire to improve social mobility and inspire their students to be proud of their community, whilst being inspired to discover more about the world.

We spend many hours trying to resolve the staircases.  We wanted to take the students on a journey as they went up each level.  The final solution uses the colours of the rainbow to lead students up each level. Colours on the graphics blend from one to another and each area has aspirational quotes that relate to a journey of discovery .  Large, bold icons picked out from the new brand graphics complete this concept.

Did the school like it? 
The initial presentation to the school was met with incredible enthusiasm.  As usual, the costs were met with slightly less celebration!  Cost issues were quickly resolved however as we are always ready with creative solutions and a willingness to negotiate a good deal for everyone.  Fears about the longevity of what we were proposing were quickly set aside once we explained our After Care*, which guarantees that everything will perform as we say it will, or we put it right. 


*(Becuase of the age of the building the wonky brickwork meant that we did have to make several visits back to the school after the initial installation to secure some components that didn't want to stay.  We have completed our inital After Care checks and will continue to monitor.)


Once the overall concept and creative style has been agreed the detailed design phase is usually straightforward, and this project was no different.  The design and project management team did what they do brilliantly.  Colours were agreed, decorators were appraised of dulux references and all of the tiny details were resolved.  In this instance the school contracted the decorator directly and we were brought in after they had completed painting the new spaces.  The school were kept apprised of every new design idea with clear PDFs, which meant that the final sign-off was a smooth process and happened on schedule.



The final result was a huge success.  The staircases have been transformed from dull and utilitarian spaces into a riot of colour and inspirational messages.  The chunky 3D lettering and graphics bring a playful quality and the colours work to lift you up the levels of the school.  The external sign was made specially and is a flex banner system, meaning that the graphic can be changed easily and with minimal expense.  It also allowed us to make the sign much larger and it really does attract attention.  The graphics that run throughout both internal and external bring new vitality to the school brand and we are delighted with the final result.


“The designers have thought outside of the box at the very highest standard and the new signs make people stop and look; that’s what we wanted to achieve and we’ve got it.  It sent a message that we’re on a journey of improvement to make what is already good even better.”

J. Leonard, Headteacher

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