New branded exercise books have improved students' work and cut marking time for staff


The Coleshill School ordered a full set of branded exercise books.  They had previously used standard A4 books but were looking for a solution that would allow them to include school policy and values information for students.  They opted for subject branded covers, and we designed a matching set that ensured every subject had it's own unique identity, whilst retaining the school brand.

A Glowing Endorsement

We are always extremely happy to hear about how our exercise books are making a real difference in the classroom.
Hear what the staff at The Coleshill School say about the process, the books and the impact.


Making it personal

We worked with the school to produce printed covers for each book that featured many school policies for students to refer to in every lesson.  We maximised the available space for printing and the school were able to introduce new class-based reward system that linked to their school values, SPIRIT.  This has been an extremely positive addition and students are responding with pride and enthusiasm to the new system. 

All departments are equal

The different cover designs that were adopted for every subject gave the exercise books greater recognition with staff and students and were well-received across the school.