New school interpretation displays and brand signage creates a visually stimulating environment which sends a strong message of change and a new direction for the school.


Chivenor School had recently been adopted by the Griffin Schools Trust and, with our previous experience in working with three other schools in the trust, we were commissioned to roll out the new School brand and find ways to introduce ethos and values. The brief was to create high impact for the start of a new school year for both pupils and parents, improving three main areas within the school; the external signage, the reception area, and the main corridor spaces around the school.


The Griffins schools trust at the point of becoming an academy provides the school with a new crest and set of values to abide by, it was our job to develop the brand from the new crest and create a comprehensive set of rules and new colour palette in which we could roll out throughout the school.

Our initial site survey highlighted a unique school building comprising of open quadrants surrounded by light airy corridors containing windows either side.  It became evident to us that if the school were to create maximum impact we would need to develop a concept that utilised the corridor windows.  

The initial presentation ticked all the boxes as we were able to create colourful spaces both internally and externally that had impact and reinforced the new school values whilst still keeping a light and airy feel around the school.  We were also able to innovate by creating windows that displayed interchangeable school notices and turned windows with unsightly views into visually attractive spaces. The added sweetener to this project was the concept was able to stretch a compact budget enabling a big impact in multiple areas.


By considering the length of the message of each display we were able to discern which areas would be better serviced with interchangeable displays and graphics.  Large tension graphics allow for impressive sizes to be achieved and can be updated quickly and at minimal expense.  The project also saw us introduce a series of bespoke Inflow display boards, which gave the school complete control of the content without compromising on the quality or style.  


The final result was met with such positivity.  The school is now transformed inside and out giving an air of change to both pupil and parent, The strong brand colours and new school values created a visually stimulating environment which sends a strong message of change and a new direction for the school. The success of the overall project can be judged by the fact we are now in a second and third phase of this project and the continuing close working relationship we have with the school.