We created a stylish, contemporary school brand that has given Caludon Castle a strong school brand identity that reflects its innovative and clear-cut approach to education.


When Caludon Castle School moved into a brand new school building the architecture was fresh, modern and futuristic and the school felt that their image needed to reflect this important and significant development. Caludon’s logo was a very traditional school shield, with historical associations with heraldry, rather than with education. Whilst they were proud of the school’s history and local links with Caludon Castle itself, they needed an image which pointed to the future and not to the past. 

The solution

We worked closely with the school to discover what their new brand needed to deliver, both in the short and longer term. It became clear that the links to the historic castle were important, as well as the desire for a logo that was strong, clear and would grow with the school. 

During the design process we were able to steer the school through the challenges of bringing a very traditional school image up to date. This included us understanding some tensions between the governors and the new leadership and developing the new brand to create a context for an updated crest to be part of the new identity. 

The final solution uses a strong asymmetrical castle logo, which represents the schools strength and visibility as a lead school in the local area. The overall identity uses clean lines and a simple colour palette that reflects the modern approach and environment. The brand was rolled out successfully across the school’s printed stationery and site signage on time and on budget.

Totem sign

Reception sign

Building brand

The Result

The work that was completed resulted in more than just the creation of a new logo. Walking around the school now, there is a unifying theme adopted throughout the building which links all of the individual areas. 

Materials produced for parents, such as letters, news updates and event programmes are high quality and immediately recognisable as being from Caludon. Similarly all of the materials produced for use by staff look and feel professional, which helps to engender pride and an ethos of high standards. This is also communicated to students who recognise clearly that they are part of an organisation with a clear identity and reputation for high standards and high expectations.


The effect of the new brand launch was immediate and dramatic, which was exactly what the school needed and the bold design and eye-catching signage have been met with wide support, which has only increased over time. 

As the school have further developed as an academy, a leadership specialist, a National Support School and a Lead Teaching School, the brand has developed, allowing the academy to market and promote themselves within the wider education community with consistent quality and clarity of message.

"I thoroughly enjoy working with the Media Collective. All members of their team, with whom I have had contact have struck the right balance between the professionalism of The Media Collective as a business, with the personal approach that is inherent in the school environment. Their patience with the inevitable to-ing and fro-ing in the design process and deadlines around the school calendar is something that I have found invaluable.”


Amy Oldroyd
Assistant Head