Hope Alive Brand

Published - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

When the amazing Operation Orphan team asked us whether we could help them put together a logo for their incredible fundraising tour we couldn't wait to get started!

The relationship

We have known the incredible team at Operation Orphan for many years. A few years ago we took the decision to support them with what we had to hand and offered our time to work on their brand and marketing pro bono. So when Brad called earlier this year and mentioned that they needed 'some kind of logo' for their extreme fundraising running tour we were more than happy to help and immediately scheduled some time to make it happen.


The challenge

The Hope Alive Tour will feature a dozen runners who will do a 650-mile relay run between multiple locations, starting in the UK and finishing in Africa.  The tour needed a brand presence that could incorporate the Operation Orphan (OO) logo, communicate the tour name and quickly convey something about the essence of the tour itself.



The solution that was quickly settled on was a self-contained logo in the shape of a running shoe, which neatly contains all of the relevant brand elements.  We used the shoe tread to incorporate a stylised map of each country, adding an extra layer of discovery to viewers of the brand as they discover more about the tour.  

Hope Alive Tour Logo

The logo was designed to be used as shown above, intentionally angled to create a sense of movement and interest, but we also ensured that the central part of the logo can be used as a stand-alone element if required:

The logo has already been put to use and we are looking forward to seeing it on the runners' vests as they undertake this incredible journey to raise funds for Operation Orphan.   Find out more about the tour here.