Ark St Albans inspired by new designs

Published - Monday, November 2, 2015

When we were approached by Ark Academy St Albans, an outstanding school in Birmingham we didn’t realise how significant the project that we were about to embark upon would become.

We created a design that took visual cues from their new building, developed a colour palette that sat between it and the corporate brand and worked out a range of designs that would translate across every touchpoint, from signage to print.  While the school had very high expectations it was a great project to work on and we are delighted that everyone in the school has received the new designs so well.  Kiran Vithal, Vice Principal said:

“We couldn’t be happier with the work that The Media Collective have produced, they have exceeded all of our expectations.  The team responded positively to all of our input, were always on hand with ideas and were prompt and professional throughout.  I would recommend them without hesitation.”


The new, expanded brand identity perfectly captures the spirit of Ark Academy St Albans, with the use of subtle colour blocks and softer circles capturing the academy's cosmopolitan, and slightly corporate feel.  As we developed the designs we were able to find ways for St Albans to deliver key ethos and vision statements throughout their marketing, both internally and externally.  We designed large internal banners to create a sense of grandeur and impact with their bold aspirational statements within their internal atrium spaces, with the same design being used on all of the school’s plasma displays and printed posters.  Two prospectuses (main school and sixth form) were designed using the same design concept, with clever use of print formats, layout and colour being employed to help them to feel distinct but part of the same family.  

Outside we worked with the school to design new external signage as well as a set of banners that provide clear messages to the community and reinforces the new brand.   So what started out as a prospectus design commission rapidly escalated into a full-scale brand development project that has been fully embraced by both the staff and students at the academy and has become a powerful tool to reinforce the school's vision and identity to all of its stakeholders.  

Oh, and did we mention that we hit all deadlines, provided editable files for internal use and didn’t charge a penny more than we originally quoted?  We look forward to the next challenge with anticipation...