Twitter can't ignore video any longer. Can you?

Published - Sunday, March 1, 2015

Schools have a wide range of stakeholders that they need to communicate with and need to use every means possible to get their message across.  When used in the right places video allows head teachers opportunities to speak to a wider audience without spending more time doing so.

The latest update of Twitter saw them launch the ability to film and upload videos to your feed.  This comes on the back of Facebook's recent acquisition, Instagram, who have had that functionality for the past few months.  The introduction of video to these social media platforms and the stratospheric rise of independent YouTube channels shows us just how important video are in communicating to each other.


Supporting your print literature

Video is an excellent way of extending traditional school marketing such as prospectuses.  A short paragraph of text can be linked with a QR code or web link that takes the reader to watch a short video on that topic that can not only go into more detail, it can be more personal and will engage with visual learners in a way that the printed media alone cannot.


Appeal to all stakeholders

Where video can be most effective is in creating powerful emotional responses.  By combining film, music, words and vox pops (short snippets of interviews or talking to camera) you can effectively convey in seconds your school's aspirations, achievements and personality.  A set of videos that appeals to different stakeholders can be produced easily and cheaply by simply changing the vox pops or text accordingly.


Use your resources

With the advent of in-school production capabilities and media courses there is no reason why you can't get your students (or staff) involved in some aspects of post production.  Working with a company that can provide the professional filming and deliver the raw footage will allow you to save cost and turn it into a valuable learning experience for students with the talent to provide the editing.


More than marketing

Get creative with the possibilities that video can deliver. A short film that is played to incoming Year 7 students can explain expectations of behaviour and academic achievement and instil a sense of pride and belonging. In-house videos filmed for students by students can sit alongside professionally produced films that explain the school's values, messages from alumni or other inspirational messages that can help to drive standards and behaviour.

Whatever your budget, once you understand the multitude of benefits, using videos in your school isn't really something you can afford to ignore any longer.


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