• How do Wonderwalls promote teaching and learning? - Published | 02-March-2018

    Our lovingly-designed Wonderwalls encourage the love of reading, the discoveries of science, mathematics, and the globe among many other things. The visual impact of these walls pulls in and engages all learners at all levels, showing inclusivity in the curriculum. As well as subject areas, Wonderwalls can be used to encompass other aspects of your school, too, such as personal and social health, physical and emotional well-being.

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  • Wall art that inspires and educate students

    A common question we are asked from head teachers with new buildings is "how can we make this feel more like a school?" And that's exactly what happened at Ernesford Grange Academy...

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  • Hope Alive Brand

    When the amazing Operation Orphan team asked us whether we could help them put together a logo for their incredible fundraising tour we couldn't wait to get started!

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  • Branded Exercise Books

    Why did we decide to produce exercise books for schools and how is it going? This article explores why we started this process and why we believe that schools can really benefit from a well-designed product.

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  • Get the most from your school photo shoot

    Every school needs high-quality, engaging photography to use in its marketing materials. Getting the right shots hinges on finding a great photographer who understands the school environment but there is a lot that you can do to prepare so that you get the very best out of your photo shoot. We’ve put together some top tips to get the best from your shoot.

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